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Local 225

We, the members of the carpenters union, have joined in voluntary association for the benevolent purpose of preserving, promoting, and protecting the welfare of all employees in the carpentry industry.

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We have extensive experience with large retailers in the Home Improvement, General Merchandise and Pharmacy Segments. We offer versatile crews to allow you unlimited creativity in design and technical level of installation.

We specialize in New Store setup. Because of our International Agreement, we can work one- for-one with Unions across the country utilizing our men out of Local #225 in Atlanta, GA to provide constant up-to-date knowledge of all your current fixtures. When working in different markets, we bring in local Union carpenters with the right work ethic to support our team and get the job done. Working together, we can insure an on-time project as well as brand recognition in the local Market Place.

We have a fully-staffed office in Gainesville, GA with the extensive retail and corporate experience to fully support our clients and teams which allows us to quickly react and correct any problems or change in direction based on new information.

We have worked with local business agents across the country and continue to gain their respect while working together to complete projects to our clients satisfaction.

We have experience in:
Pallet Racking / Gondola Fixture Installation
Carpentry Finish Out